Wednesday, February 20, 2008

100 Greatest Movie Posters: #48 - Metropolis

Metropolis (1927)
Directed by Fritz Lang
Unknown Designer
Film Nationality - Germany
Poster Nationality - Germany

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Okay, this was a hard one. There are so many amazing posters for Fritz Lang's 1927 sci-fi epic Metropolis that I felt I couldn't just leave you guys with the one above, obviously my favourite, and so below are a collection of some my other favourites. The one to the left here, however, is the most famous. The bronze robot design, which has become synonymous with the film. Click any of them to enlarge them (and you should, they're all gorgeous).

To be honest with you I alternated which design I was going to include. I started with the one up the top, then went with the green design, then the classic one and then back to the green and back to the orange city design. And if I had allowed Quads (horizontal posters) into the countdown then I very well may have gone with the final design there. So many great posters, only one was eligible and in the end the orange city design won out.

That image of a man with the entire city on his shoulders is just too unbelievably great to pass up. Those colours! That imagery! Aagh! So classic. It's so classic that I can see this as the poster to a modern documentary about class boundaries (hi Michael Moore). And a perfect representation of the film, too. I only wish the orange city featured the Tower of Babel that has become such a lasting image from Metropolis. That? That would have been perfection.


JA said...

I'm flabbergasted that Metropololis is only at #48. FLABBERGASTED! You'd best be able to justify this in the weeks ahead, Mr. Dunks!

Ahem. I'd never seen that orange one before, and it is truly spectacular. The green one's always been my fave.

JA said...

Metropololis? WTF? I guess we can say I added some extra "lol" for extra humor... right...

Kamikaze Camel said...

lol. Ja, you will forgive me when you see #1. Trust me.

qnz#1blogger said...

I saw da poster for #1 and I still agree with JA (btw, #1 is one of my top 3 movies so that says a lot)