Thursday, January 31, 2008

Yahoo Loves Julian Schnabel, Captain America

No, really. I have Yahoo as my homepage and was kind of surprised to see this:

I may not know who (or what?) "Johan Santana", "Barbaro" and "Taylor Swift" are, but it's interesting to note that Julian Schnabel, the director of The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, is a more popular search than any of them. He's also a more popular search than "Prom Dresses" and - bizarrely - "platypus". Have platypi been in the news over in America lately or something?

Nevertheless that recent episode involving Sean Young heckling Schnabel at the recently Director's Guild Award ceremony has done wonders for both of them. Schnabel is now a highly-searched figure who is most surely at his career apex. And while Sean Young may have been sent off to rehab she's probably been in the news in the last week more times that she has been in the last 10 years. Now she'll be super sober for her "comeback", which will last for all of about a week in which time she will appear on "a very special Oprah" about "battling her demons" and whathaveyou. And then maybe Nate Berkus can redecorate her "newly sober" living quarters and kitchen for only $500 using only material found of Lowes. I'm sure Sean Young could use some new kitchen bench tops, right?

She will then disappear back into obscurity only to briefly come back out whenever Ridley Scott decides to add another scene or make Harrison Ford fly in a new edition of Blade Runner. Or, she could always fall off the wagon and start a wacky reality television series. Saving Sean, perhaps?!




...let us suck your blooood...


JA said...

You know who Nate Berkus is, but not Barbaro? Man it's weird what things export themselves. I suppose I should never doubt the international tentacles of Oprah, though.

J.D. said...

Taylor Swift? Hah! Country music people make me giggle.

And I'd watch that show, Saving Sean. VH1 would make a killing, especially if they get Schnabel to guest star in the season finale...

Anonymous said...
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