Thursday, January 24, 2008

Who the Hell is Dan Abrams?

...and why aren't any Australian news readers this foxy? I have no idea who this man is other than he hosts a news program or something on MSNBC. I saw him for the first time today at Towleroad in a clip from his show about Heath Ledger and the right wing arseholes picketing his funeral and mocking him on radio (it's very sick) so the story kind of destracted from his sexiness. He reminds me of Steve Carell, actually - and y'all know how I feel about Steve Carell!

Am I the first to think this? I suppose this Abrams dude is now my American-News-Guy-Who-I-Don't-Know-Except-Through-American-Blogs of choice. Anderson Cooper? pfft.

(naturally, there aren't many decent pictures of him though!)

All Australia gets is freakin' Peter Hitchener, which is enough to make you shudder.


OCDaily said...

Well, I've been trying to find a photo of him with no success but you should watch SBS world news and keep an eye out for a young reporter named Leroy Ah Ben. He's absolutely smokin hot!

Arabella said...

Abrams started out as a legal analyst on TV and he was doing some behind the scenes management at MSNBC for awhile, so I don't think he's that interested in being a "star" in the news world like some others. He has his show, but is by no means the face of a network the way Anderson Cooper is at CNN, who totally loves the limelight, but he's Gloria Vanderbilt's son, it's a minor miracle that he didn't turn out a total flake like so many other rich kids.

So Anderson gets all the love because he's the hottest guy on the biggest stage in news. There are some cute ones tucked away in the afternoons and on the weekends but they're pretty far down the food chain. CNN had another babe in the pipeline, Thomas Roberts, but he came out and there might have been some online dating profile issues, and now he's a correspondent on an inferior Entertainment Tonight.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Oh, I read about that Roberts guy.

Most of our male newsreaders are mid-50s and overweight.

par3182 said...

how about some love for our own out anton enus?