Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Tale of Two Kylie Videos

For whatever reason (I'm sure there is one but I can't figure it out) Kylie Minogue is releasing two singles at once. "Wow" is the release for places like Australia, UK and Europe while "In My Arms" is for elsewhere in the world. Again, not sure why, but there you have it.


The most discoish Light Years (still Kylie's best album, by the way) moment on X was this song, "Wow", so I guess it should come as no surprise to discover she has made a videof for "Wow" very much in the vain of "Spinning Around" (oh you know "Spinning Around"). Gone, however, are the world famous gold hot pants (bought for a fiver at an opp shop) and in is a collection of various outfits including a white body hugging space suit. Yes Yes.

Some people don't like this clip, but I do. Very much. I think it suits "Wow" to a tee. It has Daft Punk robots (they're so in these days), spaceage wigs, crazy outfits and enough fluerescent lighting to give someone epilipsy seizures at the mere thought of it. And to top it all off the song is incredible and that - in itself, epileptic - "WOWOWOWOW!" in the chorus is a killer, as is the lyric "you know you're made in heaven." Oh, Kylie. I sure do!

The Song: 9.5/10
The Video: 8/10

PS; The moment at 2:53/2:54 is my very favourite part. Not exactly sure why, but it's like euphoria or something. Also the bit at 2:58 with the bopping robots is brilliant, too.

"In My Arms"

"In My Arms" is a bonafide pop classic. It's perhaps the best thing Kylie has ever done - uh-huh! - The outfit she wears in this clip - a sort of reversible hoodie - makes sense of a recent award show appearence. The video isn't that great, but at least it's colourful and bright and Kylie looks amazing in that green tubular thing. The whole thing, in actual fact, reminds me of her Stock Aitken Waterhouse days, with videos like "Hand On My Heart" and "Got to be Certain" where all she did was merely dance around on a set filled with random shapes and objects. Although, I do love the way she like a futuristic Kylie-cyborg with those sunglasses and that eye shadow during the fan sequence is delicious.

The Song: 10.5/10
The Video: 6/10



JS said...

My very first Aussie friend told me that "Spinning Around" was really about "anal sex." Is that true, Glenn, is that true?

Kamikaze Camel said...

Well, I've heard that and if you study the lyrics then it could be perceived as such.

However, I've always thought the line in Rachel Steven's "I Said Never Again (But Here We Are)" was the most "how did they let her sing that" lyric of late - "I'll let you in my back door". Yikes. That or Rihanna's "Come into me" refrain at the end of "Umbrella". Weird.