Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I have the TV on in the background on mute as I wait for Men in Trees and at the moment that show about (I think) vampires called Moonlight is on. I glanced over just now and was surprised to see Alex O'Loughlin (the star of the show) sharing a scene with, of all people, Holly Valance. Incase you're unaware O'Loughlin and Valance are dating in real life. Unmuting the TV I was met with the sound of O'Loughlin speaking with an American accent and Valance with a British one.

Yet they're both Australian.

I should be used to Aussies speaking in foreign tongues now (we're good at it apparently) but... no. It was weird. The show seemed like a load of shite though, so moving on...


MovieWatcher said...

I had heard about Moonlight and thought about trying to find it. Thanks for saving me the trouble

Anonymous said...

Shame you guys didn't keep watching, its certainly better than some of the crap on tv at the moment, forget the fact they're Aussies, this is TV land people, you know fantasy and make believe, I mean its about vampires. I quite liked it, whilst similar story to past vamp shows, it has a witty sophistication I have yet to see in these genres. Sad Moviewatcher that you take one person's opinion and let it rule your own, do yourself a favour, that is if a vamp detective show with a love theme, is your thing or even of some interest and watch and enjoy!