Sunday, January 27, 2008

"I'll Have a Blade Runner, Heavy on the Gin..."

I'm not sure if there's an alcoholic beverage called a "Blade Runner" - like the movie, he says - but if there was I'm sure it'd be strong, dark, with a sweetly ironic kick at the end. And, if there such a drink, I'm sure Blade Runner star Sean Young would've been downing them last night at the DGA Awards - where the Coen Brothers won, incidentally, for No Country for Old Men - because, boy, she was drinkin' something. Defamer has a hilarious first-hand account of Ms Young's bizarre drunken behaviour at last night's award gala.

...but it was when Julian Schnabel took the stage toward the end of the evening that she really went kook...yelling at him to "get on with it" and to "move it on" ... Julian yelled back at her to "Have another drink, Honey" and started to leave the stage before the crowd yelled at him to stay. He continued to talk and Sean stood up and mad a big production of putting on her white fur coat, walking around in a circle and then taking her seat again.

Hah! That is brilliant!

Variety also has some words on it.

Although I feel bad for the people she heckled, still doesn't stop it from being hilarious.


J.D. said...



Rural Juror said...

the only way this would be better is if she were dressed as catwoman

Piper said...

Catwoman is classic.

I'm going to start ordering Blade Runner's everywhere I go and if the bartender doesn't know what it is then I'm going to call him a fucking idiot and throw the nearest drink in his face.

Sean's on the comeback train alright. Can't you feel it?