Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The First Amazing Single of 2008

If you recall when I did my Top 25 Albums of 2007 countdown I had Darren Hayes' This Delicate Thing We've Made at #5 and, I quote myself, "Watch out if "Casey" is ever released as a single. It'll be staring down the barrel of the #1 spot on the Best Singles of 2008 countdown."

And, well, here's the video for said amazing song, "Casey". It's like that scene in Mysterious Skin where Joseph Gordon-Levitt's faghag best friend (played by Dawn Sommers Michelle Tratchenberg) leaves the small town they live in and heads to the big city set to a pounding euphoric synth. Now, the version below is not the album version, which is unfortunate because the album version is 6 minutes and 27 seconds of complete and utter brilliance. The video (and radio) version does, thankfully, include the 2:53 moment when the song opens up into an intergalactic express ship. It doesn't, however, have the coda at the end with Hayes doing that jungle jezebel chanting thing ("I will run to you/ I will come to you"), which is almost the greatest thing about the song. Oh well. You can buy the album version here.

Although, the "TIME EXTENDED" and "PRESS ANY KEY TO CONTINUE" gives me hope that there's actually another part we're not seeing for some reason. Hmmm.

The video though is something else, isn't it? Darren Hayes is somehow inside an Atari video game racing through the human body while he lies in a technologic studio of the future. Or, I think that's the general gist of things.

Song? Amazing
Video? Amazing
Darren Hayes? Amazing

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