Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Engrossing! Surprising! Shocking!

eFilmCritic has done their annual movie whore rundown. You can't make that stuff up, seriously. It amazes me every time that this piece comes out that these critics continue to get quotes on movie posters and ads. I mean, really! Does anyone care if the critic for Maxim thinks that American Gangster "makes a return to the lost art of true storytelling". The way these critics whore themselves out! With them it's just in and out, really. They see a movie, create a quote comparing it to a classic and saying it's the greatest thing since sliced bread and then a week later they're doing it all over again. Everything is a "Must See!" or "the best _____ since _____" or "the most _____ you'll see all year!"

If you need any further proof that that the Broadcast Film Critics Assosciation is a bunch of arsehole idiots then look no further than here. I mean, these guys praise anything that's waved in their faces and then they turn and act all "what would the Academy do? Not Mr Brooks that's for sure! I'll vote for Into the Wild!" A man voting for the BFCA awards actually failed Evening a "classic". That is who is voting for those stupid awards! People criticise the HFPA and their Golden Globes or the National Board of Review, but I still say the BFCA are the worst of the worst.

And while Australia is mostly given respite from these critics (we have our own whores, thanks) I have noticed the one below all over the place. Sad, but true. I mean... no. Nowhere close. And the guy who typed said quote didn't even place I Am Legend on his top ten list for the year! Does that mean there were more than ten movies that you could call "one of the greatest movies ever made"?

I still remember seeing a DVD cover for The Fantastic Four that had a quote on it. It read, pure and simply, "Good!" It was the greatest thing ever.


RC said...

I went to efilm critic and was reading those quotes, that's pretty emberassing when they're all lined up side by side.

some of those are absolutly stupid!

i'm guessing that won't be putting your quotes on a poster any time soon.

James Henry said...

A mesmerizing, power-punch of a thriller! (Eastern Promises) - Peter Travers

My friend and I heard this on one of the TV ads for the film and we were like "What the hell is a power-punch and what does it have to do with films?"

I used to respect Peter Travers but now I just can't stand him. Yuck.

Kamikaze Camel said...

I shall direct you to this entry I made a while back. It's relevent and still hilarious.