Friday, January 18, 2008

The Defiant Jamie Bell

IIIGGGGYYYY!!!! I guess this means I have to see the new Ed Zwick movie, huh? I successfully avoided his last magnum opus Blood Diamond (hardee har har) and thankfully didn't waste $12 on seeing The Last Samurai at the cinema so why did Jamie Bell have to go and get a plum role in Zwick's new WWII "epic" (oh please, you know they're gonna it that, all WWII movies do at some point) Defiance due for release some time this upcoming year.

Some will argue that Bell deserved an Oscar nomination for David Gordon Green's Undertow. Many will say he was robbed of one for his breakthrough Billy Elliot, but could Defiance be the film that finally sees this incredibly talented young Brit finally score an Academy Award nomination? Looking at the history of Ed Zwick I'd say it's entirely possible.

Zwick has directed eight movies before this one and three of them - included, tellingly, his two most recent - have gotten supporting actor nominations (Denzel Washington, Glory (which he won), Ken Watanabe, The Last Samurai and Djimon Hounsou, Blood Diamond) and his films get major technical nominations so you know Oscar is going to be paying attention. Throw in a plot about WWII and this seems right up Oscar's alley.

You can view the trailer over at Yahoo (in their awful video player, btw) and the film stars Daniel Craig and Liev Shreiber.

Jamie, however, can be seen very soon in the new Doug Liman sci-fi actioner Jumper and we'll surely be getting to see his BIFA-nominated role in Hallam Foe some time this year too. Right? God I hope so.


Rural Juror said...

Don't see Blood Diamond. Don't. Leo was good and Jennifer Connely had pretty skin, but no.

Rural Juror said...

I have no faith in Ed Zwick.

adam k. said...

Jamie Bell + bedsheets = yum

I hope he gets nominated for something.

But yeah, don't see Blood Diamond (or at least don't pay money to see it).

Anonymous said...

I just watched the trailer and wonder why do they talk with "Russian" accents (or whatever it's supposed to be)? If they never actually use their supposed mother tongue in the film – and I reckon they don't – then they shouldn't have to talk in broken English for two hours.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Have you seen The Last Samurai? I find it hard to believe that all those Japanese people new perfect english, but there you have it! Ed Zwick somehow travelled back in time and taught them.