Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Completely Reactionary OMG First Impressions*

*to the Academy Award announcement.

No Into the Wild for Best Picture, Emilse Hirsch for Best Actor, Sean Penn for Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay!!!

And in it's place in Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay is ATONEMENT!!!!!!! Hell to the YEAH!

No Angelina Jolie!!! But there is Laura Linney!!

NO INTO THE WILD except for Hal Holbrook!

Reitman for Best Director! WOW, quite frankly. Never would've guessed.

Tommy Lee Jones for In the Valley of Elah?!

There were indeed shocks. The Into the Wild snub - and the Atonement love that came with it - clearly made me happiest apart from...

SARAH POLLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry for the abundance of "!!!"s but she totally freakin' deserves it!

On the tech side of things there are some shocks too. No Into the Wild for best song! And apart from Holbrook it's only other nom is editing. Sweet.

I sorta knew Across the Universe would get something, but I didn't have the guts to predict it. Nevertheless, I did predict it for a costume design nomination way back in February for my year-in-advance predictions so snaps for that!

Nice to see movies like No Country for Old Men and There Will Be Blood getting sound nominations.

Norbit is now an Oscar and Razzie nominee in the same day. "Only in Hollywood..."

Is The Bourne Ultimatum the first "third film" of a trilogy to get the first nomination of said trilogy? I imagine so, unless I've forgetting some major franchise...

As blah as the Best Original Song category is at least they've taken their new philosophy seriously and are trying to reward songs worked into the movie. Those three Enchanted noms just prove that a) Alan Menkin is their God and b) the system works. Serves New Line right for dumping "Ladies Choice" from Hairspray (better than all three Enchanted songs) for "Come So Far" - a closing credits song. SERVES THEM RIGHT! However, they didn't deserve Hairspray to be shut out entirely. That's sad.

Something I hadn't even noticed was that the excellent (but unheralded) music from Michael Clayton by James Newton Howard was nominated. YES! Apart from Tilda Swinton (a thankful nominee, sure) the music was my favourite part of that film.

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