Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bad Dreams for Old Men

...not that I'm an "old man", but you get the point. Javier Bardem's scary No Country for Old Men creation Anton Chigurh haunted my dreams last night. I dreamt that I living in this suburb where everybody had to be like Will Smith in I Am Legend and turn all the electricity off and had to blockade their homes at night because Anton roamed the streets looking for people to shoot with his giantmassivehecan'tmiss rifle (but not the air gun). And of course, in my dream, I forgot to take the garbage out (naturally) and had to go outside to do so and then had a big chase scene with Anton and it was terrifying.

Then I woke up.

Then I fell back asleep.

AND HE WAS THERE AGAIN! Except this time he was joined by the alien from Signs - I blame My New Plaid Pants for that - and well things just escalated from there. I woke up several more times in the span of an hour and everytime I went back to sleep Anton was there. He's one scary dude, I tellsya. Although, I've found the movie itself has been lingering around my brain a lot more than I anticipated when I exited the cinema.

Now, if Javier ever wants to haunt my dreams purely as himself then by all means. If Javier wants to haunt my real life too, I think I could accomidate. As long as he doesn't have that hair, ya know?

Yes, I think so.


FranklinBluth said...

Oh my GOD! The night after I watched 'no country for old men' i too had a dream about anton and he was terrifying. In my dream he grabbed my leg, and I swear that someone had grabbed my leg in reality. I woke up terrified and was convinced that Anton was in my room.


And I don't remember being THAT terrified of him during the film. I mean, he was amazing and I was on the edge of my seat, but I didn't think I would have nightmares about him! Very affecting.

J.D. said...

I wish I had nightmares. :(

Kamikaze Camel said...


JA said...

Okay, NOW I get it. It was my old banner (here's a link to it so your accusation makes more sense, now that I have a new one up). I thought maybe you had some horrible fear of tentacles.

I love a good nightmare! Sadly I hardly ever have them anymore. I think I watch too many scary movies; I've wiped out my brain's capacity for real fear anymore.

I'm talking out of my ass, by the way. I'm constantly scared.

Catherine said...

I finally saw this film (I say finally, I saw it on it's second day here) and wow. Coming out of the theatre I felt a little lacklustre about it, but it festers and lingers and...shudder. I think it's amazing.