Thursday, December 6, 2007

This Week on Australian Screens

Cinema Releases for the Week 06/12/07

1408 - John Cusack and Samuel L Jackson star in this Stephen King adaptation. It's apparently decent.

The Banquet - Ziyi Zhang stars in this reinterpretation of Hamlet feature ballet-as-action sequences.

Bee Movie - Jerry Seinfeld gets animated into a bee. Needless to say, it's no "The Chinese Restaurant" or "The Parking Garage" or that episode of Seinfeld where Elaine moves into the janitor's workroom of the apartment building across the street just so she can get the Chinese food delivered and she then ends up becoming the janitor of the apartment building across the street. God, I love Elaine. Oh, wait... Jerry. Umm... yeah. Whatever. Whatever.

Buddha's Lost Children - Award-winning documentary from debut filmmaker Mark Verkerk.

Daddy Day Camp - The press ads proudly proclaim "From the studio that brought you Daddy Day Care!" Uh-huh...

Hitman - Timothy Olyphant can be quite the hottie. If you've seen Go! or Scream 2 then you can attest to that. Nevertheless, this movie looks shithouse, so... pass!

Modern Love - I saw this creepy Australian flick from director Alex Frayne back in 2006. It's an atmospheric film that has amazing cinematography and some nifty performances from Mark Constable and Victoria Hill. It's nothing like the gore-filled frightfests that it's IMDb recommendations suggest (The Grudge, Mortuary, It).

Twice Upon a Time - A French comedy. Yes, another.

DVD Releases for the Week 06/12/07

After the Wedding - Susanne Bier's Oscar-nominated filled with extreme closeups.

High School Musical 2 - I hated the first one, but knowing that this franchise isn't actually the second coming of Christ helped me and my friends realise that the sequel is freakin' hilaaarious. That bit where Zac Efron sings all over the gold coarse and then looks at his terrible CGI reflection is the highlight. That and watching Zac look a woman for the majority of the running time.

Kenny - Another DVD release for this Aussie laugh-fest.

Lucky Miles - Just in time for viewers to catch up on this AFI-nominated film. I quite liked this film, but it wasn't anything great.

Premonition - Why does Sandra Bullock seem desperate to make confusing crap so much lately? The Lake House was dreadful and this looks just as bad.

The Simpsons Movie - I strangely never wrote about this animated flick. I really liked it and thought there was plenty to rave about and that it made a good "Simpsons movie". Could've been better, sure, but it could've been far worse. I gave it a B+. Also, I love the Maggie character poster they had (to the left, there). The best one of the bunch if you ask me.

The Stanley Kubrick Collection - Brand new 2-disc special editions of movies such as Full Metal Jacket, The Shining, 2001 and Eyes Wide Shut. Very special, indeed.

This is England - I very much wanted to see this skinhead movie in cinemas, but DVD will have to do. I'd be a tad surprised if this didn't get any critics awards at all throughout the season.

The Tripper - David Arquette writes and directs this slasher hippy flick. Yes. Yes he did. It stars David, his wife Courteney Cox Arquette and his brother Richmond Arquette. How... nice of him.

Twilight Zone: The Movie - This movie is finally on DVD.

Warhol Triple Feature - Heat, Flesh and Trash in one convenient box! All starring gay icon Joe Desselandro and directed by Paul Morrissey. I've seen Heat and thought it was very weird, but I'd like to see the other two as well.

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