Thursday, December 20, 2007

This Week on Australian Screens (SPECIAL BOXING DAY PREVIEW)

Okay, let's just give this BLATANT OBVIOUS NO-IFS-OR-BUTS ABOUT IT FACT outta the way, shall we? Boxing Day '07 will go down as the best day for cinemas in the history of the planet. No matter what city or country you live in, no day in cinema will ever compare with Australia, 2007, December 26. In case you're chuckling to yourself going "pfft, what's he on about" then HANG ON TO YOUR HATS because it's a doozy. Each and every one of these films is opening on Boxing Day and it's an embarrasement of riches.

Cinema Releases for December 20-26, 2007

2 Days in Paris - Comical freudian slip I just did. Instead of typing the name of Julie Delpy's debut as director 2 Days in Paris, I accidentally typed the name of Julie Delpy's debut as director as simply Julie Delpy. She could've been forgiven for naming the movie after herself for, you see, she produced, wrote, directed, starred, scored and edited 2 Days in Paris. The Julie Delpy Show!

Atonement - By now you're all blissfully aware of this flick. It's very good and you should see it. I am now forever in the rapture of Keira Knightley.

The Darjeeling Limited - Wed Anderson is back again with his socio-whacky fantasmo schtick. I have still never formed a solid opinion on Anderson - I hate Rushmore, love Tenenbaums, in the middle for Steve Zissou - so will The Darjeeling Limited, starring Owen Wilson, Jason Schwartzmann and Adrien Brody, win my heart?

Enchanted - Amy Adams gets Oscar buzz for dressing funny and walking like a Disney princess. It is amazing how much she seems to inhabit the character, and that's just by judging the clips I've seen here and there.

The Golden Compass - This fantasy "epic" makes it to Australia. Will we follow the Americans and decide to not fork over our cash, or will be follow in the footsteps of our international counterparts and make it a solid - if unremarkable - hit? I'm looking forward to it mostly for Nicole Kidman. I haven't read the His Dark Materials books so I hope that doesn't dampen it for me.

I'm Not There - Todd Haynes' supposition on Bob Dylan stars six different actors - Cate Blanchett, Heath Ledger and Christian Bale amongst them - as the musical legend. I have been eagerly awaiting this flick for a very long time even though I am not a Dylan fan (it's all about Todd Haynes).

I Served the King of England - Not my thing, particularly, but this Czech comedy is that nation's submission for the foreign language film category at next year's Oscar ceremony. Will it make it?

National Treasure: Book of Secrets - This one actually comes out on Dec 20, so it doesn't end the dream Boxing Day run.

No Country for Old Men - The Coen brothers finally "return to form" with this film starring Josh Brolin, Javier Bardem and Tommy Lee Jones. It's getting major major awards play and is being called their best film since Fargo. Impressive, indeed.

How amazing is all of THAT?

DVD Releases for the Week of 20/12/07

Amazing Grace - The British period film was a sleeper hit back in August here in Australia and now it's on DVD.

Black Sheep - This a New Zealand horror-comedy flick that has been batting around the bush for at least a few years now - I remember reading about it when I read Dark Horizons and I haven't read that site in years.

Blade Runner: The Final Cut - The five-disc edition of Ridley Scott's sci-fi classic Blade Rudder, which I spoke about earlier. Christmas shopping today was tough when I kept seeing it in every store I went to. Grrr.

Damages - This television series starring Glenn Close and Rose Byrne in her AFI award-winning role is now on DVD. I'd suggest you catch it if you missed when it was sporadically thrown around the television schedule (is it 9.30 or 10.30 or is it 11.30 now?) Best television poster I've seen perhaps ever, to the left. I have a poster similar to it coming up soon in the 100 Greatest Movie Posters countdown. The movie it represents, in nice parallel fashion, also stars Glenn Close. Nice.

The Librarians - A curiously un-PC Australian comedy series, recently wrapped now out on DVD. I missed a couple of episodes of this short six-episode show, but wasn't particularly sad. Still, it was good for a few laughs and it's a better way to perve of the delicious Josh Lawson than the pathetically weak Sea Patrol a few channels over. He's yummy doncha know. Just for kicks, here's an arse shot from The Librarians. It's my blog and I'll do what I wanna!

Lucky You - No.

Vacancy - I find it delightfully ironic that they cast two of the most vacant actors working right now to star in a horror flick called Vacancy, but there you have it. This is going direct-to-DVD here, which is good because I wanted to see it (weird, huh?) but didn't want to pay the $12 I would've had to at a cinema. Thanks!

West - If you want to take a gander at everything that is wrong with the Australian film industry then you can't do any better than this deplorably lowly piece of retched cinematic equivalent of vomit called West. It deserved that F I gave it back in September.


Joel said...

You forgot about Alien Vs Predator 2... Or maybe that was on purpose...

Kamikaze Camel said...

Ugh, is that out Boxing Day too? Blah.

Paul Martin said...

I'm a big fan of Fargo, but No Country For Old Men is easily the better film, and the best commercial release of the year. Don't miss it!