Saturday, December 1, 2007

Some of the More Interesting Golden Satallite Nominations

<-- Did you know that is what a "Golden Satellite Award" looks like? I sure didn't! The Golden Satellites are only any good in retrospect. Years down the line when you see a movie and see it only ever got nominations at the Golden Satellites. It's usually the way with at least one or two films and this year is no exception. It can be assumed they weren't screened Sweeney Todd, and that they didn't like There Will Be Blood, Once and Atonement all that much (or at all).

I generally don't care about them, but this year there were some note-worthy things.

* Keira Knightley for Best Actress. They didn't award James McAvoy, Joe Wright or the film itself for best picture, but they did award Knightley. Strange and comforting.

* Ten Canoes for foreign language film. THANK YOU!

* They really liked The Lookout and Shoot 'em Up. How random.

* Sarah Polley for director and adapted screenplay. Nice!

* The Satellites apparently didn't get the memo that the whole "Cate Blanchett for Lead Actress" was false, because they still nominated her I'm Not There performance for best actress.

* Clint Eastwood got nominated! He scores Grace is Gone and apparently had a hand in the original song nominee "Grace is Gone". How random.

* La Vie en Rose for best editing. Yeah, best editing through a shredder!

* Sunshine for best art direction. That's a surprise, but a pleasant one.

All the noms are here via Awards Daily.

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James Henry said...

I thought the Keira nomination was pretty weird, too. I went back and checked to see if I had maybe gazed over McAvoy or something but he wasn't there.

And what was with all the "La Vie en Rose" love? I thought Cotillard was absolutely stunning and miraculous, but aside from her there's nothing else really noteworthy about the film.