Saturday, December 15, 2007

Seeing Double

With my ongoing 100 Greatest Movie Posters series I have been a bit neglectful of the new posters for new movies (oh, such is are the wanton perils of staring at Christian Bale's abs and tighty-wighty-bound arse).

So, for something a little bit different, I thought I would take a look at a bunch of movies that have duel posters and do a bit of comparing and contasting and bemoaning the lack of Christian Bale leg exorcises...

The Great Debaters

Denzel Washington's second turn at directing gives us the "inspirational tale" of the first all black debating team (call a doctor, I just keeled over with excitement) or somesuch. Oprah has something to do with it, too.

On one hand we have a poster that follows the "inspiration thru hardship" blueprint to a tee (crowd scene at the bottom, big floating head/s at the top.) The first movie I thought of when I saw that poster was Cinderella Man, which has an identical poster. And on the other hand we have this strikingly retro and harsh yellow design that I don't really know what to make of. Something about it tells me "I love it!" and yet something else tells me "this looks like a dust cover". It's odd though that on neither poster does Oprah Winfrey get a mention.

The Dark Knight

Apparently they're making a sequel to Batman Begins and it doesn't star Jim Carrey in a green bodysuit?!?

Everybody and their one-eyed dog has seen these posters for The Dark Knight by now. I think Movie Poster Addict made a nice observation about them - Batters looking down over Gotham, The Joker down in the streets reaking havoc. I gotta say though, that first poster? SALIVATORY! I have a big thing about metropolis' at night - whether they be in reality or on film. I just think the sight of a dark city so bright has something majestic about it and the poster for The Dark Knight encapsulates that feeling perfectly. That poster is frame-worthy.

It should be noted that these posters here are international ones, not American.

The Eye

Not only is Jessica Alba preggers, she's also got fingers emerging from her eyes. That can't be good for the mother or the baby!

Okay, so you know what? I think the first poster is really nifty. Take The Grudge for instance - one of the images that sold that movie was Sarah Michelle Gellar watching her hair and feeling fingers. Now, transpose that basic concept to The Eye's marketing campaign (The Grudge was all about hair, The Eye is all about, well, it ain't about mouths!) and voila! Creepy! The second poster doesn't have quite the same effect - ooh, medical dictionary definitions, how scary - but I think it does a better job than most horror posters. Speaking of horror movie posters there are quite a few to come in the 100 Greatest Movie Posters countdown including a quite embarassing selection from 2005.

Harold and Kumar 2: Escape from Guantanamo Bay

Harold & Kumar is great! I like it more than Superbad or Knocked Up or most of those movies in the same vein. So a sequel actually appeals to me! Let's look at the posters.

You know, if I weren't already looking forward to this movie then the first poster would've done the deal. Clearly it's an amazing poster - Funny to the uninitiated, hilarious to those in on the joke. The second poster, which looks like - as opposed to the first one - they made it once they had a plot and a name, isn't quite comedy gold but it still keeps me anticipating. Racially un-PC jokes awake!

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FranklinBluth said...

i am so with you about the 'metropolis' at night' call. Love love love it! Excellent film examples include most Michael Mann films, especially Collateral