Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The One They Call Delta

In her latest video clip Delta Goodrem starts off scarily like Angelina Jolie in Beowulf. Her body submerged in water, slowly emerging out looking like a goddess. Of course Delta isn't nude, in 3D or animated, but that's what it reminded me of all the same. She then gets covered in glitter and writhes around a dank cave. And after that she then sits on a floating rock in what appears to be a deep purple catsuit of some kind. Finally she takes a few cues from Madonna's video for "Frozen" while being suspended in midair covered head-to-toe in black silk as debris floats perilously close to her. Uh-huh. The video has absolutely nothing (from where I sit) to do with the song itself, but it's still a fascinating and beguiling thing to watch.

In my review of "Believe Again" (for the press publication I write for offline) I wrote that "Believe Again" is "what would have eventuated if Delta went into space with early-era Celine Dion and late dance-era Madonna and sat around a piano and a crazy intergalactic synthesiser cranking out hits", and I still stand by that crazy description. Unfortunately the video is for the four minute abridged radio version and not the euphoric six-minute mini-epic that the album version is. The latter half of the song with all the noisy silence and the chanting and the wailing from Delta has been sadly edited, but that doesn't stop the song from being one of the year's very best and the very best thing Delta has ever done.

Watch the clip below, but I'm not sure how long it will remain on YouTube for so get in fast.


Anonymous said...

The Video is Beautiful and it could be more beautiful if she didn't do it in USA cause that's kinda video there's in USA

Anonymous said...

The video is beautiful and it could be more beautiful if she didn't do it in USA cause that kinda videos there's in USA so she has nothing to do with the directing (DAAH)