Saturday, December 1, 2007

Just To Get One Thing Clear...

...nobody eats this shit here. I think whoever runs this ridiculous "Outback Steakhouse" clearly made up junk and put it on the menu. Seriously. Do people who live in the "outback" even have cheese. Or fries. Or cheese on fries? Or cheese on fries with ranch dressing? Or whatever the hell that meal actually is.

Their website is sort of repulsive too. Do the staff at Outback Steakhouse wear black makeup, play the didgeridoo and make dot paintings when they're not serving up "authentic aboriginal meals"? MUST BE AUTHENTIC, OKAY!?! Do all Outback Steakhouses have a geniune RAINBOW SERPENT on display? Because a rattlesnake painted rainbow is just not authentic enough.

Lastly, those television commercials? There are NO WORDS!

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