Thursday, December 20, 2007

Just for the SAG Record

The Screen Actors Guild awards were announced - I did alright, more on that later - but for the record here is a list of the actors who have received Golden Globe and SAG nominations yet missed out on an Oscar nomination:

Ziyi Zhang - GG/SAG for Memmoirs of a Geisha, missed Oscar.

Russell Crowe - GG/SAG for Cinderella man, missed Oscar.

Richard Gere - GG/SAG for Chicago, missed Oscar.

Dennis Quaid - GG/SAG for Far From Heaven, missed Oscar.

Hayden Christensen - GG/SAG for Life as a House, missed Oscar.

Maria Bello - GG/SAG for The Cooler, missed Oscar.

Cate Blanchett - GG/SAG for Bandits, missed Oscar.

Cameron Diaz - GG/SAG for Vanilla Sky AND Being John Malkovich, missed Oscar.

Jim Carrey - GG/SAG for The Man in the Moon, missed Oscar.

Jane Horrocks - GG/SAG for Little Voice, missed Oscar.

Anjelica Huston - GG/SAG for The Crossing Guard, missed Oscar.

And that's as far as I could be bothered researching, but now you know. Anything can still, theoretically, happen. The actors most in danger of being included on this list are Ryan Gosling (will they nominate him for a second year in a row?), Viggo Mortensen (seems like the sort of actor they could pass on time after time) and Casey Affleck (will they go for the movie?) We shall see...


JS said...

I can understand Cate missing out for that year. She had three roles which the critics were awarding and that one for Bandits hovered between supporting and lead in Oscar thought.

adam k. said...

My head is still spinning from Ryan Gosling suddenly becoming a serious contender. I figured this was one gonna be a reduxof Diane Lane in Under the Tuscan Sun, i.e. leftover goodwill from last year's nominated performance carries over into a golden globe comedy nod for a small film. But JUST a golden globe nod (and increased career momentum/goodwill) and that's it. I never imagined he'd be where he is now. Do people realize he's actually doing BETTER in terms of precursors right now this year than he was at this time last year? That's crazy.

I'm proud of myself, though, for at least always knowing he was a lock for the GG comedy nod.

Anyway, I still think he'll miss, but I've run out of credible reasons as to why. Viggo should make it, cause he's in a dramatic film and is respected and overdue. Plus the film did very well at the globes overall, increasing his visibility. Hirsch, I dunno... it all depends how much they love Into the Wild.

My gut tells me both Hirsch and Gosling will miss, but then I didn't think they'd make it at SAG either. Depp will certainly replace someone. But what of McAvoy? And Washington? Are they dead?

It's soooooooo tricky...

Kamikaze Camel said...

Even though I haven't seen (nor are they high up on my must-see list) Eastern Promises or Lars and the Real Girl, I'd love for Mortensen and Gosling to be nominated, purely because they seem so un-Oscar. I'd rather McAvoy get in there, quite frankly, but if it means they pass over the likes of Denzel and Hirsch then I'd be more than pleased.

However, that being said, I think the nominees will be - Clooney, Day-Lewis, Depp, Mortensen and I really wanna say Josh Brolin will get a surprise nom but only a few people have gotten an Oscar nod without a GG or SAG nomination, so the final spot, I say, goes to McAvoy. I don't have any reasoning for it, I just think AMPAS will like it.

adam k. said...

Josh Brolin doesn't really do very much in No Country. Of the three leads, he unfortunately is the only one who has to actually compete in the lead category, and that hurts him. I don't see why he'd make it now, when he couldn't crack GG or SAG (both of which clearly loved the film). Surprises like that tend to happen more in supporting, where there's a wider field.

I wanna say the lineup is Clooney, DDL, Depp, McAvoy, Mortsensen... that's what it looked like before SAG, anyway. But SAG has confused things quite a bit. I would LOVE if that lineup I just said actually happened... I haven't seen most of the films, but I just love all the actors there in general. I wouldn't mind if Gosling replaced someone, cause I love him and love that he could get in for such an offbeat film, but I don't think he deserves it over the others, all things considered (except the actual performances which I haven't seen... ha). I mean, McAvoy and Mortensen just really deserve a nod already. OVERDUE they are. Ryan got his moment of glory last year.

And I do think there was an issue with Atonement at SAG in terms of not enough people having seen it, so I think James and Keira are actually still viable. We know oscar likes Keira more than SAG. And the McAvoy parallels with Law in Cold Mountain seem applicable.

So yeah, all things considered, I still think Hirsch, Gosling, and Denzel will all miss... at least I hope so.