Tuesday, December 4, 2007

James McAvoy Will Stare Into Your Soul

So, my anticipation for Atonement is very fucking high. I was watching America's Next Top Model last night, as I am wan to do, and there was an ad for the film and my anticipation went through the roof. The book is very great - well, the parts of it that I have read: it's a long story that I'm not going into as to why I never finished it :( - and I adored director Joe Wright and Keira Knightley's last teamup Pride & Prejudice.

However, one thing I am possibly looking forward to seeing more than anything else is James McAvoy. How irresistible does he look in this movie? VERY! I mean, hello, just look at the below image. Maybe it's because he's dripping wet and looks like he could ravage me you at any second, but damn he looks dreamy.

But beyond that, I'm hoping to finally have a film of his that I actually like! That movie with all the tennis? No. That movie with all the snow? Nope. That movie where Jane Austen did some writing? Not particularly. That movie where lots of bad shit happened? DEFINITELY NOT!

So, I hope Atonement is the one where my affection for McAvoy's sex appeal merges with his (considerable) talent and creates some sort of supernova of awesomeness. Also, isn't this picture of James and Keira totally adorable? "Strike a pose!"


GayAsXmas said...

Funnily enough, I never thought of McAvoy as sexy until Atonement. But once you see him all dressed up in his fancy duds.... well lets just say I could understand why Keira's character didn't want to bother with many preliminaries!

Emma said...

Atonement rocks. James rocks. And his blue eyes... swoon!

Rural Juror said...

I'm going to rape him . . . who said that?