Saturday, December 22, 2007

How To Be More Like Me!

If you're sitting at home thinking "Man, Glenn sure is awesome! How can I be more like him?" well, I have an easy solution! Join these five amazing groups of Facebook. It'll change your life (or at least the five seconds it takes to view the page!)

i consider david & margaret close personal friends - Because "David & Margaret" (David Stratton and Margaret Pomeranz) are the most amazing movie reviewers on the planet (their most famous critique was her giving Dancer in the Dark 5/5 and he giving it 0/5) and because, let's face it, who wouldn't wanna sit around watching movies with David, Margaret and Margaret's giant earrings?

FUCK OFF JAPAN... LEAVE OUR WHALES ALONE - Because the name speaks for itself.

I Want to Go Ghost Hunting With Girls Aloud - Umm, who wouldn't want to got for "a night of ghost hunting at two of the UK's most haunted locations" with freakin' GIRLS ALOUD?! I know I would!

The London 2012 olympics logo looks like lisa simpson giving head - Because, seriously, it does. And I luuuurve Lisa Simpson

I always look at the clock when the time is 12:34 - I don't know why (or, mysteriously, how) I continue to glance across at the clock at 12:34, but I do it scares me like angels on christmas trees and clowns riding tricycles. And if it's not 12:34 then it's 2:34!

1 comment:

Hurlywood said...

you realize that unless london changes its logo, your description will forever be engraved in my head (no pun)?