Friday, December 7, 2007

Here He Comes, Here Comes Speed Racer

Look, I'm sure I'm supposed to be all cynical and say caustic comments like "Speed Race goes to Oz" or "I prefer my movies without seizures, thank you, mmhmmm!" but I'll be damned if the newly released (HD) trailer for the Wachowski Bros Speed Racer flick didn't make me wanna squeal with hyperactive sugar-coated glee.

It's entirely ridiculous and the movie is most likely just an excuse to show pretty much every colour of the sprectrum on a cinema screen at the same time but, ya know what? I don't give a flying fuck because it looks amazing. And it even has a monkey! A MONKEY, PEOPLE! This movie can't miss.

Watching the trailer in HD is something else entirely, but if you're not equipped or you can't be bothered waiting for it to load then you can watch it in the YouTube box below. Is it possible we already have our visual effects Oscar winner for 2009 already? Because it sure looks that way! It really does look like anime comed to life.

Also, three cheers for Christina Ricci who is finally getting back on the highway to super-mega-super-stardom that she has deserved all along. She was an amazing child actor (her performance in Addams Family Values is, and I'm not being ironic or joking, one of the best of the '90s) and went through a rough patch after the amazing Opposite of Sex (oddly enough, so did everyone from that movie? yikes!) This year she gave great white trash in Black Snake Moan and now in what could be one of 2008's biggest movies?

She looks gorgeous too, no?


J.D. said...

Ho-ly cow.

Fry: I just saw something incredibly cool. A big floating ball that lit up with every color of the rainbow, plus some new ones that were so beautiful I fell to my knees and cried.
Amy: Was it out in front of Discount Shoe Outlet?
Fry: Yeah...
Amy: They have a college kid wear that to attract customers.
Fry: Well I don't care if it was some dork in a costume. For one brief moment I felt the heartbeat of creation, and it was one with my own.
Amy: Big deal.
Bender: We all feel like that all the time. You don't hear us gassin' on about it.

Susan Sarandon? What's she doing in there?

Kamikaze Camel said...

Being amazing, I would assume.

JA said...


This trailer's mah-volous. It's like Super Mario Kart: The Movie. So there!

GayAsXmas said...

completely agree with you about Ricci in Addams Family Values - in fact the whole film is chock full of fantastic comedy performances

Kamikaze Camel said...

I tend to feel Joan Cusack is also deserving of a top five spot that year. She's tops.