Friday, November 30, 2007

British Independent Jamie Awards

Because Jamie Bell is that amazing, there should be an entire award show centred around him. How about categories such as "Best Performance by an Actor Named Jamie" or "Best Performance by a Former Child Actor" or "Best Performance by an Actor Who is Irresistibly Adorable"? Yeah. I think it would work. And then Jamie could show up looking entirely gorgeous and it'd be the show of the season!

Until then, we have the British Independent Film Awards, who recently awarded their best film, best director, supporting actor/actress, breakthrough actor and director awards to Ian Curtis biopic Control. Daniel Craig won something, as did Judi Dench and Viggo Mortensen yada blah etc. JAMIE WAS AT THE AWARDS! I know he didn't win (beaten by Viggo, blah) but he looks dapper and totally snoggable in these pics from JustJared. Although he's smiling differently to how he usually does. Hmm... Click them to watch him grow.

If I ever win a BIJA, can I take Jamie home instead of a trophy?

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