Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Anderson Ltd.

You know what movie was good? The Darjeeling Limited! I didn't expect to like it nearly as much as I did. It's definitely the best of the three films I've seen at the cinema these past four days (yeah! and I paid for them all!) I have major issues with the final acts of both Enchanted and The Golden Compass, but no such issues invade my thoughts about Wes Anderson's Indian troupe, which I like to see as a satire on cultural and spiritual fads, even if the film isn't actually about that at all.

I'd rank this as a solid "SECOND!" amongst the Wes Anderson roster, right after The Royal Tenenbaums, and before The Life Aquatic and Rushmore, which sits there at the bottom (I haven't seen Bottle Rocket).

Thankfully the film's Australian distributer has seen the great light and decided to add Hotel Chevalier before the main picture, itself a delightfully off-centre little gem. I have Peter Sarstedt's "Where Do You Go (My Lovely)" on repeat, too.

Me and the person I went to see it with were both incredibly surprised at the turnout for this film. I guessed 12, she guessed less than 10, but as we sat in the cinema waiting for it all to start people just kept walking into the cinema. It got chockers! And while waiting to go into the cinema I saw a work friend and her mother leaving Atonement (she didn't like it, her mother did) and we had a conversation about what clinically stupified the distributer of I'm Not There must be.

Note to the distributer - PEOPLE OUTSIDE OF THE CITY WANT TO SEE THIS MOVIE. Lots of them, in fact. I mean, Cate Blanchett has been all over the news whenever she's won an award or been nominated and people want to see it. But, of course, us country folk (we're actually the state's second largest city, but that doesn't matter does it?) don't like those artsy fartsy films, do we?

grrrgrumblegrumble /rant


Rural Juror said...

I just . . . I just can't do Wes Anderson.

J.D. said...

I'm Not There has already left my area.

I can't help but to sound like a broken record, but... I HATE DISTRIBUTING MODELS!!!!

pianocktail said...

I saw "The Darjeeling Limited" the day it opened in UK and I liked it, although I don't think it's anything special. The luggage metaphor was nice, but just too obvious for instance. It was a good idea, but it lacked the depth Wes Anderson always tries to reach.