Friday, November 16, 2007


You know, maybe if my local cinema had advertised Across the Universe, then perhaps it would have stayed for longer than two weeks. Yeah? Yeah! The natural theory would be to advertise it in front of Hairspray, but they didn't and so now it's gone and I have to go to Melbourne to see it (I will see it). Lame.


J.D. said...

Super lame. But you'll love it, I'm pretty sure.

Rural Juror said...

It is difficult to see movies in this country of yours. Twenty showings of The Heartbreak Kid, 2 of Michael Clayton

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain man. Michael Clayton, The Golden Age and Gone Baby Gone all lasted 2 weeks at my theater and I ended up missing them.

Hopefully I can catch No Country for Old Men before they take it down after a week.