Friday, November 23, 2007

This Week on Australian Screens

Cinema Releases for the Week 22/11/07

Angel - François Ozon has already done a classy throwback to musicals, can he work the same magic in his first English-language film, a take on Gone With the Wind style epics? It stars Ramola Garai, who is sure to make a big splash soon with Atonement, Sam Neill, Charlotte Rampling and relative newcomer Michael Fassbender.

Boxing Day - I was a very big non-fan of Kriv Stender's first studio film The Illustrated Family Doctor (it was terrible) and, sensing that nobody else seemed to like it much either, Stenders has reverted back to the sort of cinema verite style with Boxing Day. An experiment of sorts, it is based around 90 minutes in the life of a released criminal trying to organise a Christmas lunch on Boxing Day for his daughter, Boxing Day has gotten some very good notices from critics and received best actor (for Richard Green) and best director nominations at this year's IF awards - which allows films that were screened at festivals, unlike the AFI.

Crazy Love - A hailed documentary from Dan Klores and Fisher Stevens about a topic that was big news "back in the day", but which I have a very limited knowledge of.

The Golden Door - Emanuele Crialese's latest starring Charlotte Gainsbough who is making an impression on some people for her role in Todd Haynes' I'm Not There.

Halloween - Rob Zombie's remake of sorts (the exact sort of remake he vowed he would never make, coincidentally) John Carpenter's classic slasher Halloween hits Australian screens with an R18+ rating, which is quite confusing considering Zombie's previous films House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects (both of which I am a fan, especially the latter) were only MA15+. Carpenter's original was also rated R18+, but that was 1978 and I can't imagine it being rated any higher than an M in today's climate (M is two ratings below R18+, our most exclusive rating akin to America's NC17). The rating actually makes me want to see Halloween more because I am interested to find out what's in there that isn't in Corpses or Rejects. Other horror flicks to get R18+ ratings this year have been Hostel Part II and The Hills Have Eyes II.

The Heartbreak Kid - Unfortunatel, we still have to endure Ben Stiller "comedies" strike or no strike.

Interview - An American remake directed by and starring Steve Buscemi of Theo Van Gogh's 2003 film of the same name. Sienna Miller is getting some mighty good ink for this film just further proving what people have been saying for a while now (those of us who have been paying attention) that she is more than a tabloid pretty.

Rescue Dawn - Werner Herzog probably found the ideal candidate to subject his mad moviemaking on when he cast Christian Bale who we all know isn't afraid to disappear before our very eyes. I can't too enthuses about Rescue Dawn, but apparently Bale and co-star Steve Zahn are very good so I will have to check it out at some point.

DVD Releases for the Week 22/11/07

Evening - One of the finest casts ensembled in a long time is apparently ruined in Evening.

Firehouse Dog - I was getting this confused with Underdog and was all "That was only just in cinemas!" and then I realised this was some other movie going direct-to-DVD. How nice.

Garfield Gets Real - Something about an animated movie called "Garfield Gets Real" just doesn't sound right. Right?

I Think I Love My Wife - I think I will skip this movie.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End - Much like the second film Dead Man's Chest I didn't think this was as bad as some people were saying, but it's not exactly amazing, is it? I can't imagine watching this or Dead Man's Chest again so I guess that makes it "bad", but I remember some good things about it like Keira Knightley upstaging Johnny Depp and the amazing production and costume design. Oh well.

Unaccompanied Minors - Er... it has an IMDb rating of 2.8/10. That is shit.


J.D. said...

Unaccompanied Minors, being a Christmas movie released in theatres last November, was released on DVD here in the U.S. in mid-August. Makes perfect sense, right?

JS said...

I've seen Ozon's adaptation of Elizabeth Taylor's "Angel." It's currently tied for my worst movie of the year.

How would I describe it?

"Our generation's Valley of the Dolls only not as entertaining."

There. :)

Kamikaze Camel said...

Oh. I sort of wanted to see it! That's disappointing. And I really didn't like Valley of the Dolls!

Adam said...

Please don't fall for the Halloween remake! It is absolute trash and not worthy of the R18+ rating. It's violent yes, but nowhere near as bad as The Devil Rejects, surprisingly.

Awful acting all around, even by slasher standards, and criminally wastes the talents of Malcolm McDowell, Dee Wallace Stone and several others. Worst of all, it's boring as hell. Would have forgiven it all if the whole thing was stylishly shot like the original, but no such luck. It's as if Rob Zombie had no idea how to shoot a slasher movie, so he shot it all in close up instead and shook the camera a bit whenever Myers goes into a rage.


Paul Martin said...

Boxing Day is a remarkable film, the only outstanding local film for the year. But it's a very raw film, that won't appeal to everyone. A bit like The Child (L'enfant).

Paul Martin said...

Angel was OK. It will appeal to those who like melodrama.

Kamikaze Camel said...

You're a fan of the sort of thing Boxing Day follows in the steps of (such as Tsilimidos) whereas I'm much less inclined to like them. I'll definitely check it out at some point though.

Paul Martin said...

Glenn, aside from the social realist aspect, it's worth checking out for its technical achievements as well. The appearance of a single take in real time is very effective.