Thursday, November 15, 2007

This Week on Australian Screens

Cinema Releases for the Week 15/11/07

All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane - The first of three (THREE!! wtf?) Australian releases this week is Louise Alston's debut feature-length film All My Friends are Leaving Brisbane. It's apparently a romantic comedy (of sorts) about twentysomethings. I think it's supposed to be similar in tone to other Aussie films like Love and Other Catastrophes. We'll see if any of the cast even come close to approaching the careers that the cast of Catastrophes have had - amongst them Radha Mitchel, Frances O'Connor, Alice Garner and Matt Day. The only name I recognise from the cast of Brisbane is Matt Zeremes who was half of the team that brough black and white indie Burke & Wills into fruition.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age - If nothing else, it's sure to look fabulous.

Fred Claus - Oh hell no. A "family film" "from the makers of Wedding Crashers". Nuh-huh. No way!

Gabriel - An Australian gothic horror thriller somethingsomething. I got no idea. I originally wanted to see this flick purely because it was so different to what Australia usually churns out, but the reviews have been venomous. Alas... The only castmember of any note is Erika Heynatz, to which I lead a chorus of "I know, right?!"

An Old Mistress - Catherine Breillat takes of periods and I don't mean the female kind! I mean she's actually making a period film. One set in a time long ago. Apparently there's a plot, which seems quite rare from my experience with Breillat, arguable her more recent sexually-charged work - all of which have been incredibly shit to say the least.

The Independent - An Australian mockumentary about a town election from directors John Studley and Andrew O'Keefe. It doesn't even have an IMDb page, but it's apparently quite decent.

Inland Empire - Yes folks, it's finally here. I need to see it again.

DVD Releases for the Week 15/11/07

Alpha Dog - Direct-to-DVD. Enough said.

Black Book - Paul Verhoeven's "return to form" (he's been making bad movies ever since Showgirls, natch) that I had sorta wanted to see at cinemas, but never got around to it and so I wasn't too upset. I do want to see it now that it is available on DVD. Carise von Houton is apparently something to shout about.

The Dead Girl - I was a fan of director Karen Moncrieff's first film Blue Car so I will definitely be catching The Dead Girl, which features performances by Toni Collette, Rose Byrne, Piper Laurie, Brittany Murphy, Mary Steenburgen and many others.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - Outside of the outstanding Alfonso Cuaron-directed Prisoner of Azkaban this fifth entry in the Harry Potter franchise has been my favourite so far. Imelda Staunton is a hoot and the action scenes are great. I still haven't had the final installment spoiled for me so I anticipate going until the seventh film without finding out what happens. CAN I DO IT?

The Last Time - I got nothin'...

The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause - I'd rather pay to see Fred Clause (and that has Paul Giamatti!!eep) so that's quite telling as to how little I want to see this "movie".

Box Office for Week 08-11/11/08 (crazy dates)
1. Death at a Funeral (5)
2. Lions for Lambs (1)
3. The Game Plan (2)
4. 30 Days of Night (1)
5. Rogue (1)
6. Saw IV (3)
7. Good Luck Chuck (3)
8. Michael Clayton (4)
9. Om Shanti Om (1)
10. Death Proof (2)
11. The Assassination of Jesse James... (2)
12. Hairspray (9)
13. Eastern Promises (3)
14. Rush Hour 3 (7)
15. Across the Universe (2)
16. Saawariya (1)
17. The Bourne Ultimatum (11)
18. Waitress (3)
19. Conversations with My Gardener (1)
20. The Kingdom (6)


Rural Juror said...

When I went to see the Assasination of Yada Yada Robert Ford last weekend, I saw a poster for Gabriel and it blew my mind. Not because the poster was particularly amazing, but because it's crazy for me to see a poster in a theatre for a movie that I've never heard of.

JA said...

Check out Black Book as soon as you can, Glenn. It's stuck with me ever since seeing it in the Spring. It's great. Carice is really, really amazing, but even beyond her I just love that Verhoeven made what my boyfriend calls "a sexy Anne Frank movie."

J.D. said...


See it.