Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Taylor Made

I was listening to the new album by Young Divas last night - let me tell ya, if you're feeling sick and miserable, this album will make you feel even worse - and was surprised to hear not one but two Taylor Dayne covers. Two of Dayne's more popular songs in the form of "Tell It To My Heart" and a danced up (read: Homofied) version of "Love Will Lead You Back".

I was a fan of Dayne when I was younger. Her voice was so unique and she was just so slightly odd, which I always like in a personality. But as much as I like the two songs that the Divas decided to cover they did not do versions of my two favourite Taylor Dayne songs - "I'll Be Your Shelter" and "Heart of Stone".

It surprises me still that nobody (like those god awful dance outfits like Cicada or Dancing DJs) has done a sped up version of "I'll Be Your Shelter" because the song really does fit into that typical mold. "I'll Be Your Shelter" is really a great song and it still holds up especially well today with it's catchy rock pop. Just listen to the new albums by people like Celine Dion and you can see it'd still be a hit today like it was back in 1993. Anastacia, a modern day Taylor Dayne if ever there was one, has been using the same blueprint as Dayne since she first burst onto the scene. Below is the video for "I'll Be Your Shelter", directed by Dominic Sena, which I just can't love enough. It's dodgy quality, but the only other copy of the video doesn't enable embedding, so this is it.

and click here for a "making of" for the video. YouTube is just chock full of entirely random stuff, isn't it?

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