Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Shia and Zach and Me, Meant to Be

Today's a good day, folks. A very good day. Not only are the clouds dumping buckets and buckets of water onto our great John Howard-free land, but Jason over at My New Plaid Pants lead me to sexy pictures of two big crushes of mine.

My devotion for Shia LaBeouf is well documented (with more sure to come), so when I saw a new production still at Just Jared from Indiana Jones and the something something Crystal Skull (whatever, I don't particularly care for Indiana Jones flicks) featuring The Beouf looking absolutely fucking sexy I figured I had to share. He's in a leather jacket, which is hot enough as it is, but... damn... that boy (read: 21-year-old man) don't quit.

Y'all know I have a newfound obsession (when before it just was mere insatiable lust) with Heroes star Zachary Quinto, so Towleroad's gift of shirtless Zachary stills (from an episode we won't see until next year, most likely, grrr) went down a treat.

It's a greeeeeaaaaat day.


Rural Juror said...

Kevin '07, eh?

Hedwig said...

Hehe, when watching this episode of heroes, I watched that scene three times. And not because what was being said was so interesting.

I am pathetic, but it's always good to realize you're not the only one drooling over dear Zachary.

Kamikaze Camel said...

I'd take Zachary any day of the week over Milo, which is the one the people tend to scream over. He's totally cute and I've liked him since Gilmore Girls, but I tend to get bored with guys like him when everybody else latches on like a bloodsucking leech.