Saturday, November 10, 2007

Rogue articles

For any international folk following the trevails of Greg McLean's Wolf Creek followup Rogue here are some articles for you to read. The film is getting quite a bit of media press, which is a good thing. Hopefully all this plus the abundance on television commercials will bode well for it's box office potential. Considering these as ways to whet your appatite for when in seven years time Rogue finally shows up direct-to-DVD. Or do I have too much faith in the Weinsteins? details a press conference for the film. Radha Mitchell couldn't swim, the cast started a rumour about a deadly shark to freak out Sam Worthington and Michael Vartan is scared on animals in general. How lovely.

Defamer writes up some stuff about the above article.

Urban Cinefile has an interview with McLean, which sort of articulates why the Weinsteins are a couple of idiots in search of a bright spark.

The Herald Sun has a piece about people magically not dying on set, how Michael Vartan wants to move to Australia, a nice interview with Vartan, Michell and McLean including a way-too-accurate indictment against the AFI voters. Seriously, how did this movie miss out on cinematography and score nominations? Fucked. Up.

Moviehole has an interview with McLean and Vartan in which McLean confesses to being a Star Wars: Episode I fan. Crikies!

The West Australian has an interview with Mitchell.

Mitchell signed on to the movie after being approached by director Greg McLean, who handed her a copy of his debut film, Wolf Creek, to watch.

"I thought he was a lovely, charming person and he was like, 'come and have a look at my movie Wolf Creek'," she says.

"I saw the film and I thought, this guy's got some serious issues!

Also, I have yet to read a negative review for the film. Most reviews seem to be between the 3 and 4 star range (Australian critics use a 5-star system generally). Here are two positive reviews from Urban Cinefile and Moviehole and a really terrible one at Inside Film. The latter has a point about one thing (the, er, body count, ahem), but I still like the movie.

By the way says Rogue has a January 11 US release date. Not sure how accurate or how old that date is though.


Rural Juror said...

I was thinking of seeing this, as I can laugh at people in the US waiting for it while I'm over here for the semester.

But...I'm always weary of creature features with low body counts. I mean, that's kind of the point, no?

Adem IAR said...

Really looking forward to seeing this, probably happening next week. Great cast - and the press I've read with people involved has been quite a motivator in making me want to see it even more than I already did.

Anonymous said...

I saw this last night, and while I left sorta disappointed, in retrospect Rogue does have a lot going for it.

The cast are likeable, everything is shot beautifully (although McLean should have shot it WIDER), and the music is excellent.

The main problem a lot of people will have with Rogue is the lack of gore, but in the days of torture porn, I found it somewhat refreshing. Also, no Snakes On A Plane style campiness to be found here. I don't know whether that's a good or a bad thing.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Exactly. It would have been easy to kill everyone in the cast in increasingly grotesque ways, but he didn't. There are plenty of other movies where we can see that.