Thursday, November 22, 2007

Rebel Without a Link

It's apparently Thanksgiving or whatever over in America, which means people aren't blogging, which means when I'm being lazy and refusing to leave the house (How come it's so cold in NOVEMBER!) I have nothing to do. And I can't think of anything to write about at the moment.

The amazing StinkyLulu takes an amazing look at the amazing Natalie Wood in the amazing Rebel Without a Cause. It's amazing. There's also plenty of amazing screengrabs of the amazing Natalie Wood and the amazing James Dean to amaze yourself over. Isn't it all amazing? Mmmm...

All About My Movies goes all 'for you consideration' on Atonement. And look! < prettiness!

I love the IMDb for things like this headline.

Adem with an e reviews Kylie's latest album X. That "Nu-di-ty" track is getting a whipping left, right and centre, but the rest of it sounds good enough.

>>er... "puts the whispers to rest"?

I know "Movember" is all about a good cause, but I'll be glad when all the guys finally get to shave those things off. Although I like to play a little game and try to suss out who normally has a moustache and who is only growing one for the 'vember. Alas, cinema has some fine mos of the facial hair variety. Not the Barbra Streisand variety.

Dave Poland has lunch with Amy Adams.


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adam k. said...

James Dean is sexy.

What is this "new proof" to puts the Tom Cruise gay rumors to rest? I don't think I buy it.

Do they have Thanksgiving in Australia?