Saturday, November 24, 2007

An Open Letter to Casting Agents

Dear Casting Agents,

Do you have a screenplay lying around that revolves around three sisters? Do they need to be adorable and plucky, but also resourceful and talented? Does the script revolve around one sister who is getting married and is incredibly happy, another who is getting divorced and incredibly bitter and another who is forever single and incredibly happy-go-lucky? Because if you do - and if not then I copyright this idea right here and now because I know you will copy it once that pesky writer's strike is over - then I implore you to cast the following three actresses:

Amy Adams!

Isla Fisher!

Bryce Dallas Howard!

Trust me, IT WILL WORK. They actually look like they could be related unlike that other movie about red-head siblings. And the way I figure it, Amy can play the happy marrying one, Bryce the bitter divorcing one and Isla the happy-go-lucky kind. Sure, the latter would be a bit of typecasting from Wedding Crashers, but who cares?

So, yes, I know you casting agents never take any notice of this sort of thing, but my god you should!

Thank you,




par3182 said...

chekhov's three sisters, maybe?

Sonny said...

I know that the girls from "the upside of anger" dont look anythinh loke each other, but since when brothers and sisters have to look alike??? Ihave dark hair and eyes, my sisters are both blonde with blue eyes, and neither my parents has blond hair or blue eyes. It's called genetics. Its like lottery. You dont necessarily look like your brothers or your parents. I look very much like my grandpa!!!

StinkyLulu said...

Perhaps we could finally have Joseph Gordon-Leavitt and Heath Ledger play brothers in the same film?