Monday, November 5, 2007

Missing Reel

Outside of the instant classic car chase sequence in Quentin Tarantino's amazing Death Proof the best scene was a lap dance scene by Vanessa Ferlito, featuring "Down in Mexico" by The Coasters. Colour me shocked when I realised that this scene was cut from the American Grindhouse release and was replaced by a "Missing Reel" image. I'm sure anyone who liked Death Proof enough upon it's original release in America has already purchased the DVD (me want!) and has already seen this, but I thought I would post it anyway considering I'm all about Death Proof right now.


Rural Juror said...

Actually, even your Chungking Express poster is semi-Tarantino seeing as he was the one who brought it to the US and helped start the cult of WKW.

I'm holding out. It's inevitable that Grindhouse will be released on DVD with Planet Terror and all the trailers.

JA said...

Vanessa Ferlito is a hot lady.

Joel said...

I received Planet Terror last week (its incredible) and in the special features Rodriguez mentions a 2 disc Grindhouse will be out 2008!