Monday, November 26, 2007

The Meryl Wears Prada

I casually had the television on the background tonight as I tend to do when The Late Show is on and, due to that writer's strike, they're showing repeats. The one that was on tonight featured Meryl Streep sitting in the hot seat spruking The Devil Wears Prada from over a year ago and several things occured to me:

1. I love that movie (it was #4 on my top ten of 2006)

2. They need to hire Meryl to host the Oscars. Jon Stewart isn't going to have a bevy of writers to make him funny and Meryl is a riot all by herself. Hell, she was a riot in her brief silent stint at this year's Oscars, not to mention when she wins awards herself.

3. I need to rewatch The Devil Wears Prada. As soon as I get through Lars Von Trier's Manderlay... which may take a while :/


J.D. said...

God, that moment was pure brilliance, especially how Anne and Emily were looking scared and fidgeting, but that look... [explodes in laughter]

Piper said...

I'm not sure why I feel guilty loving this movie - or feel that I have to defend it to the hilt when I say that I love it, but for some reason I do. But anyways, I do love this movie.

I was watching the show "what not to wear" the other day on TLC (I prefer Tim Gunn's show) but on there the woman was saying she doesn't care what she wears or what people think of her clothes. When she said that I immediately thought of Meryl's monologue about the blue sweater that Hathaway is wearing.

It's a great scene in a great movie.

adam k. said...

You know what's even funnier than Meryl giving speeches? Laura Linney in her new "Speechless" ad. OMG.

Rural Juror said...

Meryl stole the Oscars this year with that ONE LOOK she gave Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt while they were on stage. The Miranda Priestly look that..ah, I love her. People can whine about her being overhyped all they want, girl can act!

Off topic: what have you heard about the film September? I saw it, actually, and thought it was quite good.

Kamikaze Camel said...

RJ, check out the sidebar. And I may have made a vague entry about it a few days back without naming the movie.


Piper, I know what you mean. I wrote about that very thing in my top ten piece about the movie. My theory is that it's just as hard to make a good "popcorn movie" as it is to make something like The Departed.

Rural Juror said...

I see you like it then...

Where on earth did you find the poster?

Kamikaze Camel said...

They had flyers at the cinema so I took one and scanned it. I couldn't find a copy of it anywhere on the net, for whatever reason.