Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I Need Tina's "Body"

I saw the tailend of Dancing With the Stars(?) tonight and subsequently saw Tina Arena performing "To Sir With Love" from her upcoming covers album (so, add it to the pile, really?) When most people remember Tina Arena they remember her immensenly popular 1994 album Don't Ask, that saw her have massive hit singles with songs like "Chains", "Heaven Help My Heart", "Sorrento Moon" (is she the only person to ever sing about Sorrento? I think so!) As incredible as those songs are, the song I always think back on was from her debut album Strong as Steel, which Tina Arena conveniently forgot about when she released a greatest hits compilation not to long ago.

It was a song called "I Need Your Body", a number one hit in Australia, and it was fan-fuckin-tastic. I was obsessed with this song almost as much as I was obsessed with "Hold On" by Wilson Phillips, which was out around the same time. As amazing as "I Need Your Body" is (why hasn't anyone done a dancefloor cover of this song for the ravers-and-ecstacy set?) I have a secret soft spot for the incredibly terrible video clip.

It is set in what appears to be some sort of abandoned gothic cathedral slash paper factory where mysterious silhouette-men dance on the ceiling and vases full of dead leaves adorn the staircases. Tina walks around in a ridiculous outfit made out of what appears to be velvet (it even has a slutty cardigan!) that suggests an alternate album name was Cleavage of Steel, her face covered in thick make-up in a constant look of perplexed come hither-ness and her hair looking like she showed up at an audition for Acropolis Now. It's all frightfully hilarious, but boy that song was amazing.

Before you view the video (you're going to view the video, right?) I thought I would post what 'nvt1981' and 'arronjames69' wrote in the comments section of YouTube. They're almost as good as the song and they exactly mirror my thoughts:

So forgot this song existed. Used to have it on vinyl single as a kid. This craps all over her other stuff, but she was obviously too embarassed to whack it on her greatest hits. Silly mare! Isn't the point of being an artist giving the fans what they want! Someone needs to cover this. GREAT SONG!

mmmh, tina has got a sexy body. i never knew that before. I used to look at her face.


I never will understand those silhouettes though. Where are they coming from?


par3182 said...

oh baby, you're far too young for your own good

most people remember tiny tina from 'young talent time'

Kamikaze Camel said...

Well, yeah obviously. I'm not ancient!!!


I'm sorry. That was mean.

Cal said...

I'm obsessed with that Wilson Phillips song at the moment! I heard it for the first time last week :-D . Reminds me of B*Witched for some reason.

Anonymous said...




bILLY said...

I know that she's famous in Europe now but yeah cool to hear Tina's gonna hit Oz with a comeback.

Lookin forward to her new album and yeah the concerts at the Opera House. cool.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Cal, you have not lived until you sing that song really off key while incredibly drunk. I suggest you try it.

One thing's for sure, Tina definitely looks amazing. But cover albums are just... aaaagh!

Pam said...

i need you body?? c'mon mate! give that a break! tina turned 40 this year and it amazes me how her voice managed to stay like when she was 20 plus! never aged. amazing woman.

hey! what is with the cover album? what was that about? so she releasing one? i heard she performed at the dancing with the stars... i was looking for that performance.