Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Divine Madness

Something like 23 years ago John Waters' muse Divine had a top ten Australian smash (one of her only top ten pop chart hits anywhere around the world I believe) with "You Think You're A Man". It also reached #16 in the UK.

Divine ventured down to Australia at the time for publicity and appeared on Countdown one of the most popular shows of all time in Australia, watched by millions. I'm not entirely certain when it was (wikipedia's numbers are off and, well, I can't be bothered researching through the archives of Countdown) but having Divine - an obese drag queen - surrounded by half-naked sailor boys on Australian TV was surely something, right? And that the crowd is going nuts for her is something else entirely. I love her entrance on the car. Enjoy the clip.

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Adam said...

Thanks for posting this, I'd never seen it before.

Divine was pretty great, and it's hilarious to see him play to a pretty mainstream crowd. The 80's was definately the gayest decade ever.