Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Audience Proof

A quick glance at the weekend box office shows that Quentin Tarantino's Grindhouse offcut Death Proof wasn't exactly a success, but that was to be expected I suppose. When I saw the film I couldn't help but laugh at what transpired in the cinema. I showed up with my friend to the 4.30pm showing on Friday - it opened nationally on Thursday - and they told us "cinema one", which is the big cinema, something like 500 seats, and, well, when we got into the cinema it was completely empty.

After that only two other people showed up - two young men - and that was it. In a 500-seat cinema for a movie that had been out for one day there were four people. Yikes.

Death Proof made $391,895 to land at number six on the chart. At number one was Death at a Funeral, which is having a phenomenal Aussie season. In it's second week, after debuting at number two, it fell only 4% in takings and rose to the number one position. Then in it's third weekend is fell back to number two after actually increasing it's weekend gross by 4% and then this last weekend it went back to number one and increased another 4% in takings. Isn't that bizarre. Australia does love their wacky British comedy, huh? We're making Mel Gibson quite a tidy sum (it is distributed by Gibson's Icon).

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