Wednesday, November 28, 2007

ASHKA!!!!! And the Facebook Group of Doom!!!!

I saw Rogue again tonight with the mother (she liked it! I liked it again!) and was inspired by the amazing/stunning/fantastic/super Heather Mitchell to create a Facebook group. Mitchell, in Rogue, plays a cancer patient going on one last family vacation and must fend off vicious man-eating crocodiles (naturally). But 12 years ago she was starring as ASHKA!!!!! The most amazing time-travelling power crystal obsessed "electrically charged space suit"-wearing superbitch you'll ever experience.

So that is why I created the "I Devoted My Childhood Afternoons to Ashka!!!" group for all you other Australians (and Polish people! i can't forget them!) who would turn on the TV after school and sit back and relax and experience the wonderful jollies that Spellbinder provided. I couldn't believe there wasn't a Spellbinder group on Facebook. And now there is. Watch out though - ASHKA!!!! will cut you if you even look at her the wrong way, okay!

The entire series of Spellbinder appears to be on YouTube (click here to watch all 26 episodes over 78 frustrating parts), but here is but one piece of the magical puzzle, part one of episode 14 "Lost and Found". Aaah. Childhood memories...

As if Spellbinder couldn't get any better, I just realised it featured Lisa Lachey from Mulholland Drive!!!!omgz!

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