Friday, November 23, 2007

100 Greatest Movie Posters: First Quarter Round-Up

In the first quarter of my 100 Greatest Movie Posters (of all time) (according to me) - click here to read the prologue - and so far we've an... eclectic collection. We've had Andy Warhol and Nazi propoganda. We've have French thrillers and Chinese art projects. We've had horror flicks, silent comedies, experimental films, Oscar winners and just one of David Lynch's many dreamlands. So you can't exactly say I haven't been... thorough.

Let's look. If you missed any of these just click on the titles and you'll be taken to it. Aren't I nice?

100. I Shot Andy Warhol
99. Andy Warhol's Bad
98. The Holy Mountain
97. Salón México
96. Diva
95. The Breakfast Club
94. The Triumph of the Will
93. Chungking Express
92. Holy Smoke!
91. Swimming Pool
90. Vanishing Point
89. Needful Things
88. Dead & Buried
87. Lost in Translation
86. Ordinary People
85. The General
84. The Cranes are Flying
83. Scanners
82. Irreversible
81. American Gigolo
80. Blow-Up
79. Mulholland Drive
78. The Thing
77. All Neat in Black Stockings
76. The Producers

Any thoughts on the list so far?

In the next quarter we have posters for films by such directors as Ridley Scott, Martin Scorsese, Stanley Kubrick and Peter Weir. We have near-naked men, melting ladies, drag queens, even more drag queens and a little Beethoven.

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