Sunday, October 21, 2007

Yes Please

Why I'd love to join you, Jamie. Thanks for asking.

Oh, you're positively drenched. Come back to my place, take those wet clothes off and have a nice hot shower. You'll feel so much better.


adam k. said...

Oh wow, what beautiful pictures. I want to be in bed with him, too.

Sorry I called you a hater on my blog. I guess C+ isn't really a grade of hatred (...)

You actually can hate on once on my blog if you so choose, as long as it's calm and rational. But I am rather shocked that you're so indifferent toward (or even resentful toward) my two favorite films of the year.

But I also loved Ratatouille!

adam k. said...

OK, why did you not like it if you liked the music? The film IS the music.

And don't know "yeah I know, that's the problem."

That's what you're gonna say, isn't it?

Kamikaze Camel said...

As a soundtrack I'm sure Once is really great. As a movie to be projected onto a cinema screen after I've paid by $12...? Not so much.

adam k. said...

I paid my $10 to see it 3 different times!

I liked the rawness of it. And especially the live recording of the music. And the love story. And even the Irish dialect that I couldn't always totally understand.

But to each his own.