Tuesday, October 30, 2007

When Bad Posters Strike - Duel Edition: The Bucket List and Charlie Wilson's War

Two really bad posters were released over the last couple of days (both via ComingSoon) for The Bucket List starring (in case it wasn't blatantly obvious) Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman and then Charlie Wilson's War starring Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts and Ron Jeremy Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Take a look at them below, click them to watch them grow if you really want to.

Firstly, you'd nardly know The Bucket List is about two men with cancer escaping the hospital to do a list a things they've always wanted to do. Instead it looks like yet another movie with veteran actors showing up on set for a paycheck for a movie that, in the publicity for the film, can be described as "a whole lot of fun". Ugh. They usually tend to be the laziest sorts of films, which typically means they're a load of shite. Does anything about that poster make you want to see that movie? They don't even take advantage of Jack's kooky bald head that he showed off at this year's Academy Awards. That is surely at least something to target your marketing on, right?

And when it comes to the Charlie Wilson's War poster? Well... it's not exactly a poster that screams "BEST PICTURE!" is it? It's like with the trailer and now this poster they're trying to market it as some kooky comedy that's all about Tom Hanks' accent and Julia Roberts' hair, which it apparently is not. The poster just strikes me as really poorly conceived and produced. Especially with a dorky-looking Phillip Seymour Hoffman inserted in. It just looks overly silly.


RC said...

the charlie wilson poster seems to me like it's playing off the pretty woman poster.

and they crammed all three of the leads into that poster for sure...

charlie wilson needs a 2nd poster if they want to give me any hope the movie will be good.

also, the bucket list poster looks like the two vetrens have died and are in heaven laughing at their silly film.

J.D. said...

Both suck BIG TIME. (And please tell me you think they're both worse than the A Mighty Heart poster; it's only common sense, Glenn!)

Kamikaze Camel said...

No. That Mighty Heart poster is dreadful.

Neel Mehta said...

One nice thing about the poster for The Bucket List is the sunset in the background. Subtle, if that's what they're going for. And I think I like the laughter. But I also would've liked to see some baldness.

Charlie Wilson's War was bound to be a doomed poster. It's headlined by three Academy Award winners, and even though PSH is not a movie star (and really, not even a draw), he had to squeeze in. At least the poster is egalitarian: everyone looks terrible.

Curious, I went to look up posters for the similarly Oscar-burdened Insomnia. And this German one fits the bill.

The US poster avoids catering to star demands, but looks stupid anyway. (Why so dark? In the movie, the brightness is what's scary.)