Monday, October 29, 2007

Ricki-Lee is All Around

As a very big fan of Ricki-Lee Coulter - aka, the only Australian Idol alum that I genuinely care about - this week has been a treat. First I saw the video clip for her new song "Love is All Around" on Rage, then on Sunday night she performed the ace "Can't Touch It" on the ARIA Award red carpet and then just last night on the Idol eviction show Ricki-Lee performed "Love is All Around". Phew.

I'm glad she is releasing this song, it's the best one from her incredibly underrated album Brand New Day - seriously go out and buy it, it's better than most of the shit that's out there - and I can just hope that it's as successful as "Can't Touch It". So here is the video (ignore the sync problems) that actually features a bit of queerness (it's random, but nice) and just for a lil something extra there is Ricki-Lee's Idol performance of "Proud Mary" definitely in my top five Idol performances ever. I love her.

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