Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pieces of Britney's Hot Naked Freakshow On Ice!

Wow, I got six song titles into that entry title alone! Well, five technically, but two songs, strangely, include the word "Ice" so I'm claiming it as two.

My initial thoughts on Britney's new album Blackout is... positive? I almost can't quite believe that Britney (read: Britney's producers) has managed to string together 12 tracks that, for the most part - there are some dodgy tracks - make what is technically called a "good album". Obviously, there are songs like "Radar" on which Britters sounds like a squirrel on ritalin, or "Hot as Ice" which is just... I dunno. It's bad. Adam at I'm Always Right is correct in his "faux-Outkast" description. "Ooh Ooh Baby" doesn't go anywhere and "Get Naked (I Got a Plan)" sounds a poor imitation of a Timbaland production, which begs the question of "why didn't she hire Timbaland when he offered". Perhaps Brits was smarter than I give her credit for and dumped that collaboration because the song she was offered was just a carbon copy of everything else he's done lately and decided to hire Danja to do it instead. Hmmm. "Heaven on Earth" was a track that leaked earlier this year and I think I prefered it when it was named "Your..." and didn't have the crunchy sound effects in it (whatever they are).

So, we've heard about the bad and about the middle stuff, but I made it sound as if there was some really good stuff on there. Well, thankfully there is. "Gimme More" is still the sort of amazing song that she needed to rejuvinate her career and is an ace way to kick of the album. "Piece of Me" is all about the production, it's rooted in deep bass mode all while Britney sings about her derierre on the magazine stands and how she's been "living the american dream since I was seventeen". Hmmm. "Freakshow" and "Perfect Lover" are like what Timbaland did for Nelly Furtado but with more emphasis on the dancefloor (they aren't as good as "Maneater" though). However, my very favourite at this moment is actually "Toy Soldier", which uses a metalic drum beat alongside Britney's sassy vocal delivery - one of the few times she actually sounds like she's trying. It's a song that is made for an entirely gay rave remix and a video clip featuring Britney in soldier garb strutting around giving orders to muscular shirtless men.

...I haven't been thinking about that at all.

So, Blackout is actually my favourite Britney album yet. There's too much Timbaland-lite for my liking, but thankfully there's a bit of personality in the good tracks and there's more than enough here to produce several more singles and to perhaps make people forget long enough about how she's obviously a mental patient, with chronic wellbeing issues, to buy her album. Terrible artwork or not.


James Henry said...

Oh thank the Lord that this CD isn't going to be a total disaster! I have been waiting for this CD ever since she divorced K. Fed and am so excited I only have to wait another week!

I heard "Radar" online and I actually quite enjoyed it. It's got that Rihanna vibe going on and it's a ton of fun.

Adem IAR said...

YES YES YES on the Toy Soldier comments, just in the car on my way home I realised it was shaping up to be my favourite on here alongside Heaven On Earth.

I am glad the two songs I dislike you're also not feeling, though I do like "Ooh Ooh Baby," but probably the least out of the remaining 10 tracks.

Kamikaze Camel said...

I would like "Radar" much more if she didn't sound so high-pitched.

I've never been a big Britney fan so I wasn't actually desperately hoping for a good album and it's not as good as I would like - it doesn't approach Rihanna's Good Girl Gone Bad at all.

jude said...

The majority of blogs that have actually listened to the album have said it's BETTER than Good Girl Gone Bad.

And I agree. But I'm not a fan of the ballads on Rihanna's album. Brit's is nothing but hot tracks.

It's a great pop album. I'm in love with Toy Soldier and Radar.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Really? That seems odd because there's only one "Gimme More" on Britters album, but there's at least three "Umbrella"-good tracks on Rihannas. Hmm. I suspect many are fanboys.