Friday, October 12, 2007

An Open Letter To Hugh Jackman

Dear Hugh Jackman,

I know we missed out on sharing the same birthday by sixteen and a half hours - I was born at 4.30pm you see - but I feel that we share a unique bond, one that cannot be unbroken. You see, you like taking your shirt off and I LIKE LOOKING AT IT. So please keep that up. Nothing makes my day instantly better than seeing pictures of you at the beach, or on the movie set, or in a cafe drinking something soy (wait, have you ever done that?) all of which you freely partake in minus a shirt.

If you're out today on your birthday (and subsequently can't be reading this blog, but whatever, I know you worship it) feel free to just whip off your shirt near some paparazzi and I'll be eternally grateful.

Love Always,


[As Blogger just like torturing me with my picture posting tool lately I can't actually provide a picture of Hugh sans shirt. Blogger can die now plz]

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