Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ooh Aah, She Lost Her Bra (But Found a Recording Contract?)

Hilariously Tamara Jaber got a recording contract! Hilarious Reigan Derry got a recording contract too! Hayley Aitken also got a recording contract! Hilariously they got a recording contract together!!!! Isn't that news positively mindboggling slash hilarious. In what universe were those three in the same room for long enough to not only decide to form a group, but to also fly to America and stay there for however long it took them to get signed to Def Jam records. Isn't that crazy?

Derry was an Australian Idol in season five (a season I did not watch), Jaber was in the second (and last) season of the original Popstars (remember Scandal'us? It's probably best if you do-o-o-o-on't) and Aitken is a singer-songwriter who wrote several songs on Idol contestent Ricki-Lee's debut album. Together they equal the Young Divas of soft-pop-shit-alternative-something-something.

And then consider that Jaber is the longterm girlfriend of Australian Idol judge (seasons four-six) Kyle Sandilands. And that Sandilands hosts a radio program with Jackie O - both of whom are co-hosting Big Brother 8 next year - and remember that Jackie O was one of the judges on Popstars... this all turns into the most complicated roundabout game of six degrees of reality television ever imaginable.

Nevertheless, to celebrate this momentous occasion - - here is the delightfully amazing and over-the-top video clip for Tamara Jaber's solo debut "Ooh Ahh". The song is entirely ridiculous and terrible but perhaps the biggest guilty pleasure of all time. I can't help but giggle at lyrics such as "Boys are rotton/Made out of cotton/Girls are sexy/Made out of Pepsi" and "Ooh Ahh I lost my bra/I left it in my boyfriend's car" (it's not lost then is it?). Plus, I think "Ooh Ahh" is the first song to ever use the word "Timbuktu" not once, but twice. Amazing, right?

Enjoy... perhaps.


Adem IAR said...

I paid $2 for Tamara's first (and only) two solo singles. I am not ashamed, but am completely aware that I *should* be.

Kamikaze Camel said...

I wasn't a fan of "Hard For Me", but "Ooh Ahh" was just so delightfully ridiculous.

Mr Forgetful. said...

Every time I hear about Tamara's Ooh Ahh "song" I can't help but remember we used to play clapping games to that very rhyme 20 years ago when I was a kid in primary school.. how it ever came to be a pop song I'll never know. Probably royalty free though because who made the damn thing up originally? Some 12 year old?

Anonymous said...

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