Friday, October 19, 2007

Omega Beta Delta

Umm, so you may or may not be able to stream Delta Goodrem's new album Delta by clicking here. I have no idea if it works for international people. But, if it doesn't it means you can't hear "Believe Again", which is perhaps the best thing she's ever done and is also, perhaps, one of the best songs of 2007. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps. Still, some bright spark uploaded the track to YouTube and stuck a poxy photo up for you to stare. Nice.

Am loving the near-tribal chant towards the end. "I believe it's possible" yada blah etc. I get where the "Frozen" references are coming from.

edit - News about the video is over here. It's apparently one of the most expensive video clips ever made here. Crazy.


Rural Juror said...

If she does a video, she should never hire the person who told her sitting in chairs made a good music video

Paul Martin said...

DG looks like she's going down the Maria Carey path. The clean-girl image got a bit stale, so now we're gonna sex it up a bit. Or am I just being cynical? I just find her so fake in front of the camera.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Paul, read the article at the link below. I think it encapsulates what she's doing. I don't think it's changing her image because it got "stale" (seven #1s = stale?) but merely progressing. She can't have a career if she doesn't mature and grow.

She's smart to idolise Madonna, quite frankly.

Paul Martin said...

I disagree that she's maturing. I thought her previous restrained persona was more mature, whereas going down the Madonna or Carey route (pun not intended) is immature. So if selling your sexuality is what it takes, well good luck honey, but it don't impress me. That's pop today, I suppose, but I find it sad that young women sell themselves short like that. It's like a form of prostitution, in my opinion. And MTV/Video Hits has become soft porn (I call it kiddy porn).