Monday, October 15, 2007

If Award Nominations

The If Awards are one of the three film awards bodies of Australia alongside the AFI and the Film Critics Circle of Australia. The If Awards run all year round on their website allowing people to vote as they see each Australian film, whether it be in cinemas, on DVD or at a festival (festival titles are eligible).

The If team recently announced their nominees and there were some surprises. Some pleasant, some not-so-pleasant. The big story will of course be the big haul for The Jammed - ostresised by the Aussie film industry, embraced by audiences. It is a real shame the film wasn't eligible for the AFI awards (nominations announced Oct 24) as I have a sneaking suspicion it would have been just as popular there. More on The Jammed in a sererate entry though. On with the nominations.

The Home Song Stories
The Jammed
Lucky Miles

An odd mish-mash there. One quite great flick (that'd be The Jammed) and two decent-but-not-great flicks. I can understand Stories' inclusion - it's a heart tugger - but I was surprised to see the quite amazing Noise miss out in favour Lucky Miles.

Tony Ayres, The Home Song Stories
Matt Saville, Noise
Kriv Stenders, Boxing Day

Proving that the festival audience can get your film a big push, Stenders receives a Best Director nod for a film that didn't even receive a theatrical release (it's getting a bare minimum release on Nov. 22). Hopefully Boxing Day is much much better than Stenders' first flick The Illustrated Family Doctor. It's very awesome seeing Saville in there and Ayres is a worthy inclusion.

Brendan Cowell, Noise
Richard Green, Boxing Day
Joel Lok, The Home Song Stories

That Joel Lok inclusion is odd but Brendan Cowell will be getting some big love from me come 2007 UMA award time so I'm glad he's there. I haven't seen Boxing Day, so...

Brenda Blethyn, Clubland
Joan Chen, The Home Song Stories
Veronica Sywak, The Jammed

As good a lineup as you could probably expect. Sywak has the "redemptive caucasion" role, but she's still quite good so good on her for this. Whod've thought a movie like The Jammed would be her breakthrough?

Nigel Bluck, The Home Song Stories
Peter Falk, The Jammed
Geoff Burton, Lucky Miles

That László Baranyai missed out for Noise is incredibly bizarre and that's all I have to say.

Antony Partos, The Home Song Stories
Grant Innes McLachlan, The Jammed
Bryony Marks, Noise

Dee McLachlan, The Jammed
Tony Ayres, The Home Song Stories
Michael James Rowland & Helen Barnes, Lucky Miles

I thought the screenplay was what brought Home Song Stories down, but... oh well... still not sure how they could've ignored the most ocker script in a while (that'd be Noise again). I'd nominate that just for throwing words like "frangers", "bungers", "munted" and "mouth breathers" onto the cinema screen.

Nell Hanson, Clubland
Melinda Doring, The Home Song Stories
Pete Baxter, Lucky Miles

Umm... can someone tell the people voting here that Lucky Miles is set... IN THE DESERT! Jesus Christ.

Anne Carter and Dee McLachlan, The Jammed
Henry Danger, Lucky Miles
Geoff Hitchens, Noise

The Home Song Stories

Bomb Harvest
Unlikely Travellers

For the rest of the nominees check out the If Website.

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Simon A said...

I haven't seen Lucky Miles or The Jammed, unfortunately, but Noise is SO much better than The Home Song Stories, it's upsetting me that it's getting less love.

Best film? Really? I was just really unmoved by the whole thing. It had the typical Australian thing of well shot, well acted, no emotional connection. Which is odd considering just how personal a story it is.

Noise, on the other hand, was brilliant in pretty much all respects. Bah! Stupid IF voters.