Thursday, October 18, 2007

I Am In Love (With A Cop)

His name is Futurecop! and he's entirely amazing. Well, it's actually two people - Manzur Iqbal and Peter Carrol - and their goal is to create the soundtracks that never existed for 1980s movies. Or something like that.

I emphatically implore you to head over to Disco Dust where I discovered Futurecop! and to acquaint yourself. I particularly think "Transformers" is the bees knees, but "Class of 1984" is also some sort of insect's joint, and I already very much like "As Seen on TV". Futurecop!'s myspace is one click away and features an assortment of other tracks including one called "Hey Heartthrob" (which is amazing) and "Super Saiyan" (which will crush your bones it's so intense).

My god, they have a picture of the Goldie Hawn-Kurt Russell masterpiece Overboard on there!!!! Umm, genius!

"Like the soundtrack to a lost John Hughes movie, the music of Manzur and Peter, Manchester’s finest - Futurecop! is a heady mix of synthesisers, teenage crushes, power chords and alcohol. Imagine Kavinsky had the kind of younger brother that was always looking to start something and you’re there

Christ, this stuff is amazing.

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