Monday, October 22, 2007

Girls in Their Summer Clothes

Bruce Springsteen's ace track "Girls in Their Summer Clothes" was about many things, but I doubt it was about Matt Corby's wardrobe. Continuing on from last night's excursion to a really really gay Sound of Music convention, Corby (this season's reason for existence in the eyes of the judges) continued to exhibit the weirdest, worst and wackiest fashion plate since the series' inception back in 2002.

If you thought last night's bizarro combo of lederhosen and emo skinny leg jeans was beyond comprehension, then check out what Jennifer Connolly wore on on tonights results show - a light and billowy summer dress adorned with lego men and jeans so tight they're basically tights. I think I saw Sienna Miller wearing this exact outfit a while ago. I really do think the costume department is fucking with the contestents this year. How else to explain putting Matt in a woman's outfit (it has a cleavage neckline!) Absolutely. Hideous. (but also hilarious.)

And this shot is my personal favourite. It was during the group performance - a quite dire rendition of Prince's "Kiss" with the worst crowd interraction possible - where he had placed his leg upon a step. I think the moment you do that and your shirt stretches at the hem as it does in the below image then it officially becomes a dress. A summer mini!

Honestly. You can't make this shit up!

late edit - let it be known that Paulini is sporting the exact same style outfit on the cover of the new Young Divas single "Turn Me Loose". While Matt thought lego men were the way to go Paulz thought horizontal stripes! But, nevertheless, they are merely different patterns of the same dress. Thank you and goodnight.


J.D. said...

Q: Has anyone actually come out and said he has male genitalia, or is his masculinity just some sort of an urban legend at this point? Seriously. Beyond you I have no knowledge of Australian AI, but I mean, come on. Is she taking testosterone and it's turing out to be a complete failure or something?

J.D. said...

And that second picture IS Ellen Page in a LEGO dress.

adam k. said...

He really does look more like Ellen Page than either Jennifer Connolly or Blossom (though he kind of looks like all three, which is what's truly scary).

It's quite bizarre. He just looks like some kind of really lazy transvestite. Or male Ellen Page imitator.

Kamikaze Camel said...

"really lazy transvestite" is classic. I'm using that!

JD, he's never flashed his bits on tele, but those pants are so tight that it would be a tricky for anything that is down there to still function (perhaps that's his method of becoming a transvestige without having to spend the money on a sex change opporation!)

The screaming pubescent teenages who starting orgasming the moment he walks out on stage are terrible. And they're even worse when he - shockingly - sings are long note. It's like he's hitting their g spot or something. :/

Rural Juror said...

SERIOUSLY...I kept thinking, "What the hell is THAT?!" I'm over him. Natalie Gauci for the win