Wednesday, October 24, 2007

BIFTA Is Fully Totally Amazing

Did you get it? Didja? Nevermind...

Some awards group in England announced their nominees!!!!11!!omgz!! I know, how exciting, right?! The BIFTA awards are totally the best awards show. Why aren't we following these people all year around? HEY?! WHY NOT??!

...okay, moving on.

The BIFTA Awards announced their nominations today and Control, that Joy Division biopic, and Jamie Bell are amongst the nominees. Commence enthusiastic wails of approval.

Best British Independent Film
And When Did You Last See Your Father?
Eastern Promises
Hallam Foe
Notes on a Scandal

Best Director of a British Independent Film
Anand Tucker for And When Did You Last See Your Father?
Sarah Gavron for Brick Lane
Anton Corbijn for Control
David Cronenberg for Eastern Promises
David MacKenzie for Hallam Foe

Best Performance by an Actress in a British Independent Film
Anne Hathaway for Becoming Jane
Tannishtha Chatterjee for Brick Lane
Sophia Myles for Hallam Foe
Kierston Wareing for It's a Free World...
Judi Dench for Notes on a Scandal

Best Performance by an Actor in a British Independent Film
Jim Broadbent for And When Did You Last See Your Father?
Sam Riley for Control
Viggo Mortensen for Eastern Promises
Jamie Bell for Hallam Foe
Cillian Murphy for Sunshine

Best Performance by a Supporting Actor or Actress in a British Independent Film
Colin Firth for And When Did You Last See Your Father?
Tony Kebbell for Control
Samantha Morton for Control
Armin Muehler Stahl for Eastern Promises
Cate Blanchett for Notes on a Scandal

Besides the obvious fact that my Jamie got nominated for his performance in voyeurism romance (or something like that) Hallam Foe, I am totally psyched to see Control do so well. I will probably keep yammering on about how Samantha Morton is such an easy get for an Academy Award nomination until the day when she either does or doesn't get said nomination. Come on Weinsteins! She can make it in! Also, I'm happy for Sam Riley and Tony Kebbel, both of whom will be fighting it out in my UMA awards whenever I get around to doing them next year.

Lastly, who woulda thought that Becoming Jane and Sunshine were indies?


Rural Juror said...

I'm so glad you liked Control. I'm EAGERLY EAGERLY waiting for it, and I love samantha morton.

Yeah....was there a lack of actresses to nominate? B/c Anne Hathaway was....ok, I guess, but I wouldn't nominate her for anything unless I was scraping the barrel.

Cal said...

Woohoo! I love the nomination for Wareing. I saw the film yesterday and she's excellent.