Thursday, October 18, 2007

94.7% of Me on the Radio!

For about two hours on Friday night (the 19th!) I will be ditching this crazy futuristic device you guys call the "internet" and reverting back to the stone age. I will indeed actually be appearing on the wireless box alongside blog buddy extraordinaire Adem from I'm Always Right on his weekly radio program Inside Splinters. IS appears on 94.7 The Pulse on Friday nights between 8pm and 10pm so if you, dear reader, live in Geelong, it's surrounding areas or various parts of Melbourne (let's face it, The Pulse ain't exactly streaming national) and you want to hear me and Adem wax lyrical about Ammelle Sugababe and her penchent for bashing old ladies with their handbags and hypothesising on what it is about Jamie Bell that makes his so gosh darn irresistible, then you're just going to have to tune in your FM dial to 94.7 and listen.

Of course, the show is primarily a vehicle to somehow convert Portia De Rossi's hometown brethren into popsessive lunatics instead of garage rock loving drones. So naturally we will be featuring plenty of entirely amazing music such as:

  • Sugababes!

  • Rogue Traders!

  • Operator Please!

  • Groove Armada and Mutya!

  • Olivia Newton John!

  • Girls Aloud!

  • And Much Much More omg!

Uh-huh, so you just know it's all going to be amazing. So, yes, 94.7 FM between 8pm and 10pm. You'll be able to hear me go "umm" and "aah" a lot because I generally do that a lot in real life let alone when I'm on something that's being listened to by more than 20 people.

If you're fortunate enough to not live in Geelong, you can't get reception in Melbourne (where in actual fact you can get Melbourne reception, we're not entirely sure) or you just happen to be one of those folks we like to call "international potential refugees" then Adem and I will be posting the show for y'all to download and listen to on your iPod. So don't fret if you're from some random town in Utah because you too will be able to listen to me in all my glory.

Er, yes, glory.

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